— Success story

Instant Awareness Against Giant Leader

Cheese is a dairy product that is delicious and healthy. As we know there are lots of cheese products in Indonesia. Since the competition is high, every brand must give their best to survive the market itself. Prochiz is a new brand and they choose us to help them compete against the giant market leader so their brand awareness will increase instantly.

The Challenge

Prochiz is a new brand in the cheese category. As we know, the cheese market is dominated by MNC brand that dominates the brand awareness and market share (80% market share occupation). When it was launched, Prochiz with a quite conservative budget was demanded immediately to perform the brand awareness.

The Human Insight

Cheese is communicated by its market leader as a healthy food that is healthier than milk, which contains lots of calcium and vitamins. This communication pattern has become so common that it does not need to be communicated.

Prochiz took another insight that cheese is not just healthy and delicious food, but it also has to be a daily food.

The Idea

Engaging Farah Quinn as a brand endorser for Prochiz. Farah Quinn is a celebrity chef who was at the peak of her fame at that time.

By using this star strategy, Prochiz advertisement becomes a new breakthrough among competitor advertisements that talked about healthy cheese.

“Dengan Prochiz, taste jadi better” said Farah Quinn.

The Impact

Since 2010, user penetration of Prochiz keep on increasing. Based on Kantar research, on 2012 Prochiz had 18% user and 46% user on 2014.

Besides, on 2017 Prochiz successfully become one of the Top Brand with percentage 11.3%