— Success story


We were still struggling with the pandemic situation. We don’t even know when will this over since the coronavirus vaccine haven’t been found yet.

But our client, Caplang, needs to launch their newest product GPU Krim HOT in this situation.

The Challenge

GPU Krim Hot is a new product by Cap Lang. Unfortunately, we have to launch the product during this pandemic COVID-19 situation.

Considering there is no certainty of when this situation will over, Cap Lang still needs to keep releasing its product in this situation. Another problem is during this pandemic, we are required to carry out physical distancing that makes us impossible for doing some shooting activities to make the TVC.

The Human Insight


Based on research, before the outbreak of COVID-19 people tended to be active on various online/digital platforms,  but now the pandemic is reviving the culture of watching television. The stay at home activity is the reason for the media consumption shifting, which one of them is the television.

This becomes the right time for GPU Krim Hot to advertise its product on television.

The Idea

The limitations to doing the studio shooting during this pandemic do not break our steps to keep making  the TVC of GPU Krim Hot.

To avoid the crowd / numbers of people that get involved, we didn’t use any talent in making the TVC but we use a simple animation that could leave a strong impression.

With “Pegel Bandel” GPU Krim Hot tries to convince the viewer to relieve aches by treating it directly to the source.

The Impact