— Success story


Cap Lang is long lasting market leader among cajuput category, with almost 80% market share occupation, will be a challenge for Cap Lang to have a growth exceed the organic growth.

The Challenge

Cap Lang has been the market leader for a long time, making an enhancement towards a brand that already control 80% of the market (children under 12 years) is not easy, and increasing brand growth along with the growth that occurs in Indonesia is a challenge for Cap Lang.

The Human Insight

Rubbing cajuput oil on children has become a habit for mothers in Indonesia to make their children always protected by the warmth of cajuput oil.

In fact, 89% of mothers will rub cajuput oil on a child after bathing in the morning or afternoon bath, 47% when the child wants to sleep, and only 8% who provide it when the child is outdoors or after they play outside the home.

The Idea

By carrying out the idea of “Ayo main di luar” and lift back the original Indonesian game, we make a brand movement that makes the children to play outdoors, interact with nature, and create the peace of mind in mother’s mind by always using Cap Lang Cajuput Oil which its warmth will protect the children when they do activities outside of home.

The Impact

Before Cap Lang cajuput oil conducts a campaign of “Ayo main di luar”, the percentage of using cajuput oil outside of home was only 22%, but it has increased to 48% after the campaign.