— Success story


Richeese Factory is an QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) that established in 2011. RF is well-known as one of QSR that serving fire chicken (super spicy chicken) with cheese sauce.

As we knew, there are lots of QSR in Indonesia so RF needed to increase their brand awareness to survive the marketplace.

The Challenge

As we know, Indonesia has lots of QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) or fast food restaurant. The fast food restaurants have been around for a long time and are still a destination for people of various ages.

Richeese Factory is one of the QSR and it was first available in Indonesia on February 8, 2011. The challenge for RF is how they must survive against this intense competition. Considering there are lots of QSR that have been established for a long time, RF needs to increase their brand awareness.

The Human Insight

Currently, TVC advertisement competition in Indonesia becomes more significant. Each brand competes to make an interesting TVC to get consumers attention.

An interesting TVC will become “the magnet” for the viewer. Therefore, a brand should have an identity or attraction.

The Idea

To increase brand awareness, RF begins to advertise its brand on television. In 2018, we made TVC with the idea that emphasized the uniqueness of fire chicken (super spicy chicken) served with cheese sauce. Furthermore, we carried out the idea of “BERANI COBA” to get the consumers attention.

“Ayo ke Richeese Factory! Cobain lezatnya Fire Chicken… Cheese sauce nya BERANI, barbeque sauce nya BERANI, pedasnya BERANI. Fire chicken Richeese Factory, BERANI COBA?”


The Impact

After BERANI COBA TVC released in 2018, Richeese Factory won The Bronze Medal in WOW Brand 2018 for Fast Food Restaurant category in Indonesia.

Furthermore, Richeese Factory is often increased from 2.7% to 4.9% in the Top Brand Index.