— Success story

Only Took a Year Becoming TOP 5 Handphone in Indonesia, Hi Five Realme!

Starting realme launch in 2019, realme are very focus for young people audience.
Within the first year, they becoming top 5 handphone in Indonesia and keep maintaining it even during the Pandemic.
With the uncertainty on pandemic, during Ramadan 2022, realme challenged us to craft a campaign for their newest series.

The Challenge

To launching Flagship realme 9 with camera and design as their best feature.
Despite, targeting the right audience, launching a new handphone during Ramadhan is always a challenge, since by learning minimum 5 new handphones were launched every Ramadan.

The Human Insight

Create campaign differentiation, yet maximizing the campaign to gain high visibility for the brand.

The Idea

Targeting young and active Indonesians, realme capturing the traveler audience by launch realme 9 campaign; “Capture The Unique Lights in Indonesia”.
Partnering with National Geographic Indonesia, we created NAWA CAHAYA that means Sembilan Cahaya, capturing 9 destination of Indonesia in low light pictures taken by Realme 9 camera features.

NAWA CAHAYA also created to a microsite as a home of Digital Activation, and source of travelling article that written during the photos searching. Articles, pictures, and the activation also run in Kompas.com, Tribunnews.com, and National Geographic as a part of Kompas group.
Widening the reach the campaign also published through Out Of Home campaign in prominent location in Jakarta.`

The Impact

  • More than 300 participants joining Photo competition digital activity, with >1600 photos submitted.
  • Additional organic exposure from #nawacahaya 4,7 Mio impressions, 800K reach, 52K engagement
  • 122% KPI achieved digital media target. 4,9 Mio impression from banners, 810K impression for socmed post,
  • Total 300K pageviews from 30 articles with average 8 minutes
  • Realme 9 TV placement also reach 77% of all people target during the launch.