— Success story


GPU Oil is the market leader of massage oil category, with almost 80% market share occupation. The challenge for GPU Oil is to strengthen its position so people will acknowledge them as the market leader.

The Challenge

GPU Oil is one of Cap Lang’s products that managed to become the market leader of massage oil category. Based on the annual Brand Health Track, the percentage of GPU has always above 75% as the most often used massage oil.

When a brand has become a market leader, the most important thing to do is to maintain that position with strengthening its positioning  as  the best brand.

The Human Insight

Currently, TVC advertisement competition in Indonesia becomes more significant. Each brand competes to make an interesting TVC to get consumers attention.

An interesting TVC will become “the magnet” for the viewer. Therefore, a brand should have an identity or attraction.

The Idea

To strengthen the positioning of GPU Oil as the market leader, we make TVC with a jingle to emphasize that GPU is the best massage oil in Indonesia.

“Ada yang YAHUUD se-Indonesia… Cuma GPU yang YAHUUD se-Indonesia. Neng~ ayo neng ayo GOSOK pake GPU~”

This TVC packed with a sense of humor accompanied by jingle (dangdut) to get the attention and make the message easier to remember.

The Impact

After releasing the TVC jingle ‘Neng Ayo Neng’ in 2016, GPU Oil managed to get the highest percentage of TOM (Top Of Mind)  in Indonesia with almost 77%. In the following year, GPU Oil achieves The Top Brand Award in massage oil category.