Engaging Millennials with JALAN ASIK GELIGA: A Captivating Travel Video Series

Looking to captivate the millennial audience, Geliga set out to create an entertaining program that seamlessly integrated their products into captivating stories. Inspired by the rising popularity of travel videos on television and YouTube from 2015 to 2018, Geliga developed the thrilling and engaging travel video series, JALAN ASIK GELIGA.

JALAN ASIK GELIGA: A Documentary-Style Travel Video Series
Hosted by charismatic Indonesian travel influencers, JALAN ASIK GELIGA became a sensation with its captivating documentary-style approach. Through a combination of nine YouTube videos and a wealth of engaging content on Facebook and Instagram, the series took viewers on unforgettable journeys across Indonesia’s most picturesque destinations.

Exploring Indonesia’s Treasures: Bogor, Malang, Semeru Mountain, Bali, Nusa Penida, Labuan Bajo & Komodo Island
JALAN ASIK GELIGA ventured into the heart of Indonesia, unraveling the hidden treasures of Bogor, the enchanting allure of Malang, the breathtaking heights of Semeru Mountain, the paradise of Bali, the captivating Nusa Penida, and the awe-inspiring Labuan Bajo & Komodo Island. Each episode showcased the natural beauty and cultural richness of these destinations.

A Resounding Success: 2 Million Views and Engaging Travel Communities
The overwhelming response to JALAN ASIK GELIGA was truly phenomenal. Garnering over 2 million views, the series struck a chord with audiences, captivating travelers and adventure seekers alike. Additionally, the series actively engaged travel communities all across Indonesia, fostering a sense of excitement and wanderlust among viewers.

JALAN ASIK GELIGA proved to be an outstanding success, captivating the millennial audience with its gripping storytelling and breathtaking visuals. Through its engaging content and a compelling digital challenge, Geliga successfully connected with their target audience and left an indelible mark on Indonesian tourism. With its innovative approach to combining entertainment and product exposure, JALAN ASIK GELIGA set a benchmark for future travel video series.

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