Introducing Richeese Factory’s Fire Chicken: A Spicy and Viral Sensation

richeese factory fire chicken

In 2018, Richeese Factory unveiled their latest culinary masterpiece, the Fire Chicken, as the star of their digital marketing campaign. This delectable and spicy fried chicken, coated in authentic barbecue sauce and topped with creamy cheese dip, became an instant hit among food enthusiasts. With customizable spice levels from 0 to 5, the Fire Chicken was destined to make waves in the culinary world.

Embracing Viral Trends
The Rise of Food Challenges and Mokbang Videos During 2017-2018, an exciting trend emerged among the young generation, where they daringly challenged each other, capturing it all for social media. One of the most popular categories was food challenges, with food bloggers creating mokbang videos and challenging fellow YouTubers. Recognizing the potential, Richeese Factory seized this trend and devised the Berani Coba Fire Chicken Challenge.

Berani Coba Fire Chicken Challenge
Fueling Awareness and Product Trials To resonate with the young audience and boost brand awareness, Richeese Factory launched the Berani Coba Fire Chicken Challenge—a captivating digital activation with Grand Prize trip to South Korea. The campaign not only aimed to entice the target audience to try the fiery delicacy but also generated virality by encouraging participants to challenge their friends in exciting ways.

Achieving Remarkable Success
10,000 Submissions and 9 Million Social Media Impressions The Berani Coba Fire Chicken Challenge exceeded all expectations, resulting in an astonishing 10,000 submissions and garnering a remarkable 9 million social media impressions. The campaign sparked a frenzy of user-generated content, with participants proudly showcasing their fiery feats on their own channels.

Richeese Factory’s Fire Chicken proved to be more than just a delectable menu addition; it became a spicy and viral sensation. By tapping into the trend of food challenges and mokbang videos, the Berani Coba Fire Chicken Challenge catapulted the brand to new heights of popularity among the young generation. With its bold and mouthwatering flavors, the Fire Chicken undoubtedly left a lasting impression on taste buds and social media feeds alike.